Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Non-Relational Databases

I read this piece on The Register yesterday about the new database from the original makers of MySQL. I was particularly intrigued by the statements 'won't support Windows ... and neither will it be SQL relational compliant'. All I could hear was Sir Humphrey congratulating them on a 'courageous decision'.
But I got to thinking about it last night and it occurred to me that Velocity does more or less the same things i.e. allows you to perform CRUD operations on data in a non-relational store, is suited to cloud computing etc.
Except Velocity works on Windows, and Drizzle doesn't. Which really is a courageous decision - love it or hate it, it's the most widely used OS. As a Microsoft developer, if I can't use something on Windows I'm not going to use it at all, so it's difficult to see Drizzle taking off. Maybe Microsoft should make a publicly-available Velocity store available in the cloud and position it as a competitor to Drizzle. Now that would be a Live/Mesh/Whatever service I'd like to use.

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