Sunday, 13 June 2010

AppFabric Goes to Ireland

Last week I gave my Distributed Caching with Windows Server Appfabric talk at EpiCenter, the Irish Software Show, at Trinity College in Dublin. My audience was a little, ahem, disappointing, particularly in the week that AppFabric was officially announced and released, since I only had one audience member, Mark Needham of Thoughtworks, who was presenting in the afternoon. I also had technical troubles with AppFabric again - clearly in a previous life I seriously pissed off the demo gods. I've now torn down my AppFabric demo infrastructure to rebuild it - this also gives me a chance to recompile my demos with the release version of AppFabric - I've been using the Release Candidate.

My slides from EpiCenter can be seen on Slideshare, and my demo code is downloadable here.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Windows Server AppFabric is out!

As announced at TechEd yesterday, v1 of Windows Server AppFabric was released to the web at the weekend (though like the Release Candidate, I found out the Chris Alcock's excellent Morning Brew blog). You can download it directly here, or through the Windows Platform Installer. There's an installation guide here. If you've been using the Beta 2 Refresh release, the installer will allow you to upgrade from this to the release version - there are details here.

Additional coverage:
Official announcement from the AppFabric blog

The Irish Software Show

It's the Irish Software Show this week! There are 80 sessions taking place from top speakers including Craig Murphy, Jon Skeet, Alan Dean and many others. And also, ahem, me.

I'm doing my session on Distributed Caching with Windows Server AppFabric tomorrow, Wednesday 9th June. I shall also be attempting to whip the crowd into a frenzy before Jon Skeet does his first session - yes, I'm Jon Skeet's warm-up man!

If you haven't got tickets for the show yet, it's not too late! And even better, the organisers have very kindly allocated some concession tickets to me: if you go to my page on the EpiCenter website, you can get up to €90 off the price of your ticket! And I'll see you tomorrow!