Thursday, 1 January 2015

Introducing Threepio!

I saw this a few weeks ago and thought 'That might be interesting', since it seems to combine two of my favourite things, Star Wars and code, so I signed up. On 21st December beta access to the API was opened up, and I started having a look at it. Almost immediately, a set of helper libraries appeared for different stacks (Javascript, Ruby, even PHP), but none for .net. So I sprang into action (well, it was more of a lurch really) and started to put together some C#, and over the Christmas break I've finished it (or at least I have it at a point where I'm prepared for other people to look at it).

It's written in C(#), and it translates from JSON into .net objects, so I had to call it Threepio...

The code is on Github at

Things I want to look at/think about doing:

  • Should the GetPage methods return IEnumerable instead of List?
  • The Get(id) methods throw an exception if you call them with an invalid id, inline with this which I read yesterday would it be better to change them to TryGet?
  • Putting up a Nuget package.