Thursday, 16 April 2009

Manually Uninstalling Velocity CTP2

Now that Velocity CTP3 is out I was looking forward to installing it however going through Add/Remove Programs it prompted me to locate the original installation MSI. Which I haven't got any more :-(

However I contacted the Velocity team and they sent me instructions for manually removing CTP2.

"Note: To un-install Velocity CTP bits use 'Add-Remove Program', however for scenarios where a user is unable to un-install e.g.
'Add-Remove Program' entry is missing, following workaround of using manual steps for un-installation can be used, but they need to be done at users discretion.

Below steps assume removal of Velocity Service and product from a single machine, to un-install multi node Velocity cluster below steps need to be performed on each machine (node)

1. Under 'Administration Tools' -> 'Services' ensure that Velocity service DistributedCacheService with Display Name "Microsoft project code named "Velocity" is stopped

2. Go to Command Prompt and use SC.EXE command to delete velocity service i.e.

SC.EXE delete DistributedCacheService

3. To ensure removal of entries from 'Add-Remove Program' for existing 'Velocity Installer', Download and install 'Windows Installer Cleanup Tool' as per following KB , Or directly from

Launch the above installed Tool and from the list choose 'Microsoft project code name "Velocity" CTP2' and select Remove

4. Next delete files under installed folder, typically under \Program Files\Microsoft Distributed Cache\V1.0

5. Remove 'Firewall Exception' for DistributedCacheService

6. If Cluster Config Store chosen during installation was 'XML'
or 'SQL Server Compact' then remove the files from the Network Share Folder (which was provided during installation)

Else if 'SQLClient Provider' was used as the Cluster Config Store then -

Drop the database (provided as 'Initial Catalog' ) which was mentioned in the connection string during installation.

or, To avoid Dropping the database in case you want to keep it, you can also just drop the table 'dbo.config' present in the above mentioned database."

I haven't tried these instructions out yet as I don't want to fry my laptop ahead of WebDD this weekend but I will try them next week and report back.

UPDATE: I ran through these instructions last week, for me they worked perfectly. The only thing I struggled with was the fact that IT have locked down the UI for firewall exceptions so I couldn't remove the ones I had set up. However I was able to remove them by hacking the Registry.

I now have Velocity CTP3 installed - details coming soon!

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