Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Goodbye Windows 3.1

In amongst all the Presidential news going on today, this headline caught my eye: Closing Windows. Microsoft are ceasing to sell licences for Windows 3.1/11, the operating system I cut my teeth on (which probably dates me hugely although probably not as much as my recollections of loading programs off tape on my Commodore 64 - ah happy days).

I did my first professional coding on Win3.11 in 1997, using VB4.0 (ugh) for the client and Access 2.0 for the database (double ugh). Fortunately I didn't keep a copy of the code, although I think about reworking it occasionally as a web app with all I've learned since then.

I confess I had no idea MS still sold licenses for it as an embedded OS, though I guess it makes sense as a solid OS and if you have no need for a display etc it probably worked quite well.

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