Monday, 21 July 2008


In the past I've always been pretty unfazed by different browsers and I suppose I still am - IMHO far too many people see Firefox as the Second Coming. But I think I may be wavering...

I used Firefox a lot last week on my BizTalk course at DevelopMentor, and the installation of FireFox on the machines had a couple of really nice FF plug-ins that I hadn't come across before.
  • FasterFox - which shows you how long a page takes to download. This is really nice, the only thing I don't like is having to register with Mozilla before it would let me install it.
  • FoxClocks - which puts clocks for different time zones on the FireFox status bar.

And now I'm missing these features in IE :-(

And then...

I was sat at Starbucks at Liverpool St on Friday afternoon waiting to get a train back to East Anglia, and browsing on my N95. T-Mobile offered me 'Cool Applications' - how could I not follow the link! Which led to me installing Opera Mini on my phone. I had a little play with it, so far I'm not overly impressed (there's no pointer!) BUT this may be a case of me just being used to the Symbian web browser....

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