Friday, 4 July 2008

Blue Screen: SQL Server Management Studio vs Intellipoint 6.2

I've been randomly getting the Blue Screen of Death when using SQL Server Management Studio 2005, mostly when either scrolling across an open table or resizing a column. It did it again today and I'd had enough.

A bit of Googling suggests that the problem is between Management Studio and Intellipoint. I started hunting through Microsoft's support pages looking for someone to pin this on but it seems the SQL Server team are aware of this but said they aren't going to fix it (though this report is marked as Active at time of writing). Anyway I ended up on the Hardware Support pages where I discovered that I get two free support calls with my Wireless Presenter Mouse. So I've logged the problem with them but with the Intellipoint team, not the SQL Server team. Hopefully the Intellipoint team can either come up with a hotfix or alternatively make the SQL Server team come up with a hotfix. Either way I'm hoping we can get a permanent resolution to the problem.

Update: I've had a first contact from Microsoft. Didn't get to talk to them as I'd already left for the day but I'm hopeful this means they've accepted the issue!
Update 2: Looks like my contact at Microsoft is now trying to pass this off to the Windows team.


Trevor said...

Fantastic. First time reader, lifelong fan. I am adding ssmsee as that is the name of the process that SQL Server Management Studio runs under as this may get indexed and help out a few others. Bizarre to have two products both from Microsoft combine to cause this issue. Thanks much for this post. I always saved everything before opening the app since I never knew when it might crash on me.

nomoon said...

Do you have any updates on this issues? This was driving me crazy. I just recently determined that it was Intellipoint. Analysis of the BSOD dumps gave no clue that the mouse was involved.