Sunday, 13 June 2010

AppFabric Goes to Ireland

Last week I gave my Distributed Caching with Windows Server Appfabric talk at EpiCenter, the Irish Software Show, at Trinity College in Dublin. My audience was a little, ahem, disappointing, particularly in the week that AppFabric was officially announced and released, since I only had one audience member, Mark Needham of Thoughtworks, who was presenting in the afternoon. I also had technical troubles with AppFabric again - clearly in a previous life I seriously pissed off the demo gods. I've now torn down my AppFabric demo infrastructure to rebuild it - this also gives me a chance to recompile my demos with the release version of AppFabric - I've been using the Release Candidate.

My slides from EpiCenter can be seen on Slideshare, and my demo code is downloadable here.

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