Thursday, 20 May 2010

AppFabric Goes North!

Thanks to NEBytes for having me up to speak last night (and thanks to Andy (and Tammy :-) ) for putting me up). I ran my AppFabric distributed caching session, and for the first time nothing broke! Lots of performance problems though, caused by trying to run too many VMs on not enough memory. I think when I get home I'll review my demos: I want to run them all in one VS project to make it easier to swap between them as I'll just be able to run up one Cassini instance that'll contain all the demos. I was also thinking last night I might change the Regions/tagging demo so I get the objects from the database as required and then cache them in a lazy style. Watch this space.

I missed the first half of Jonathan Noble's session on Powershell 2.0, but I was quite impressed with what I did see. My use of Powershell can be described as 'fledgling' at best (even though it's used in managing AppFabric clusters and caches), so it was instructive to see it really put through it's paces. The remoting tools built into Powershell 2.0 look particularly impressive, it's made me think about how we manage our web servers at work and whether we should be using Powershell from our desktops instead of RDPing onto the servers and then using the IIS MMC.

I'd have liked a bit more time to look round Newcastle as it's somewhere I've never visited - maybe next time. I did get to drive past the Angel of the North, which was disappointingly somewhat less impressive than I'd anticipated. And this morning on the way back I got to see (if only on the horizon) the Middlesborough Transporter Bridge! (Thanks for the A19 tip Andy!)


Andrew Westgarth said...

Phil, I noticed your comment about having to rdp onto your web servers to manage them. Have you thought about setting up the remote management service in IIS7 and then you can make full use of the IIS Manager from your client (Vista/7), also if Sys Admins don't want to give out full access, features can be delegated :).

Thanks for coming up to speak at NEBytes last night, it was an interesting session and great to catch up with you.



Phil said...

Andy, will that Remote Management work with servers in a DMZ? That's the predominant reason why we RDP - our main two web servers are outside the domain. Also will that work with IIS6 on Server 2003 - we have no IIS7 deployed anywhere right now.