Monday, 26 April 2010

AppFabric For .Net 4.0

So a fortnight ago .NET and VS2010 were released, and shortly after that I tried to install the AppFabric Beta 2 release on my laptop. No go - Beta 2 has a dependency on the .NET 4 Release Candidate and will not install on the .NET 4.0 RTM release. I emailed Ron Jacobs (who has made the mistake of being associated with AppFabric and being contactable) about this and asked when we'd see a release that ran on the .NET 4.0 RTM release. He answered me and then wrote up this blog (and when he talks about emails rolling in, it's mine he quotes so I'm slightly suspicious of how many he really got about this), which says that .NET developers who want to use AppFabric will have to stay on the .NET 4.0/VS2010 RC versions until an unspecified time between now and the end of June when AppFabric will RTM. I can't say that I was hugely impressed with this:

So I was quite surprised today to look at Alvin Ashcraft's Dew Drop and find:
Which appears to be AppFabric Beta 2 rebuilt for .NET 4.0 RTM. I haven't tested it yet, but I've installed it and can confirm it installs OK onto a Windows 7 machine with .NET 4.0 RTM.

There's nothing yet about this on either Ron Jacob's blog, the Velocity blog or the .NET Endpoint blog. And I'd like Microsoft to explain their change of heart - right now, I'm interpreting it as being that AppFabric may miss it's RTM deadline of 30th June. But someone should feel free to tell me different.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. We've been held up on VS2010 RTM because of this... Very annoying. :)