Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Developer's Guide To Velocity on tour!

Following on from Liam's recent tour dates blog,I thought I should do something similar...

First of all I need to offer belated thanks to NxtGen Manchester for having me up to speak in January. I had a good time even though something went wonky in my VMs while I was running my demos that morning which meant I couldn't run the demos in the evening. I hope everyone still got an appreciation of the capabilities of Velocity.

I'm running this session again at Edge UG at Microsoft in London on 17th March - visit to sign up. I may be running it at DDD Scotland if I've been voted in. Subject to agreement on dates it'll be at NxtGen Southampton in June. I've also been talking to NxtGen Cambridge and NEBytes about doing it for them over the summer.
UPDATE: Well I didn't get voted in for DDD Scotland, but there'll be another opportunity to vote for me at DDD Southwest.And I now have a confirmed date for NxtGen Southampton - 24th June.

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