Thursday, 4 December 2008

SQLExpress and Compressed Files

Another of those things I'm blogging for future reference...

A little while ago I ran the Windows Disk Cleanup utility to recover some space on my hard drive. One of the things it did was go through my filesystem and compress files that I hadn't used in a little while.

I went back to some of those files yesterday - a WinForms project that I started ages ago that uses a SQL Express database - but when I tried to run the project I got strange errors in my DAL. I fired up SQL Management Studio and attached to my SQL Express instance, where things got even stranger. I had two databases showing, one with the path to my database and one with just the name of the database, but no plus sign next to them to expand them. Couldn't detach them, couldn't delete them. I did a bit of Googling and I saw a comment that SQL Express doesn't work with compressed files. Almost instantly I figured out what had happened - I uncompressed all the files in the folder and everything started behaving itself again.

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